Signing up to host a Rock Star Camp requires work and is competitive.
If you wanna rock, fill out this early interest form to accept the challenge.
We'll send you details and information you'll use to submit to host.

This video gives an inspiring overview of why CUE Rock Star Camps are so popular.

Things to consider before you start your submission:
We only have TEN Rock Star Camps per season in California, so the competition is fierce. Additionally, we have a maximum of TEN Rock Star Camps that can be held WORLDWIDE (a total of 20 including CA) using the same submission process.

The window for submission is now open. Fill out this early interest form right now, and we'll send you the required items to complete the formal application process. The deadline to submit the formal application is August 15, 2015. We'll announce the actual camp sites at Fall CUE 15.
  • Your application will be well-served to have letters of support from local LEAs. Getting support before you start is very helpful!
  • Your site will need a minimum of 10 classrooms, a large meeting area (up to 120 folks), excellent wifi and willing, capable IT support on-site.
  • You'll need to have been to a Rock Star Camp, or you'll need to get a Rock Star Faculty member to partner with you on the event.
CUE Rock Star Camps are grassroots efforts, so your local partnerships and marketing will drive signups.

CUE Rock Star Camps are ideally held in "stay-cation" type locales where folks will want to travel and visit. This really sets the mood for learning. For Summer camps, we prefer camp dates in mid-week windows. Teachers like their weekends off in the summer, too!
CUE Rock Star isn't like any camp you've hosted before. 
It's very much like an "unconference," but we have certain norms that make the CUE Rock Star experience so special: Shred Sessions to start the day, 2-hour hands-on sessions, a 2-hour lunch that is an "unconference" of its own and a low ratio of attendees to faculty at 10:1.

Does your PD have fan art? CUE Rock Star Camps do! 
Check out the fun our fans have even before the event starts at the CUE Rock Star Fan Art page.

Need some testimonials? See what our fans say!
Jennifer Kloczko: CUE Rock Star Petaluma